NordLayer Review: Is It The Ultimate Business VPN Solution?

By Steven Dalglish

NordLayer is a VPN specifically created for businesses, offering both security and dependability. It provides remote access VPN, cloud VPN, threat prevention, network segmentation, and more.

In this NordLayer Review blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to NordLayer’s features, benefits, pros and cons, advanced features, integration options, pricing plans, and step-by-step installation instructions.

πŸ›‘οΈ Top-Tier Encryption:Ensuring your data remains private and secure
πŸ” Privacy Assurance:Absolutely no logs kept
πŸ–₯️ Servers:Servers across 30+ nations
πŸ’΅ Affordable Rate:Starting at just $7.00/month
🏒 Business-Ready:Tailored solutions for companies of all sizes
πŸ€– Seamless Integration:Effortlessly blends with corporate infrastructure
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⭐ Rating:4.7 out of 5

Why Choose NordLayer for Your Business?

NordLayer offers high-quality network security for businesses of all sizes in an era where cyber threats are on the rise. With features like remote access VPN, network segmentation, and zero-trust security, it offers unparalleled protection for your data and resources.

With its intuitive user interface and strong customer support, NordLayer is the perfect solution for businesses seeking to bolster their cybersecurity efforts. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, NordLayer’s scalable solutions will help safeguard your digital assets and ensure seamless operations.

A Quick Look at NordLayer: Pros & Cons


βœ… Robust Network Security

βœ… Ease of Use

βœ… Remote Access

βœ… Scalability

βœ… Zero-Trust Security

βœ… Threat Prevention

βœ… Integration

βœ… Dedicated IP

βœ… Reliable Customer Support

βœ… Kill switch


❌ No Free Trial is Available

❌ Does not function in China

❌ IPv6 support is not available

Key Features of NordLayer

NordLayer’s Remote Access VPN enables secure remote access. The Cloud VPN connects cloud-based resources securely. With comprehensive threat prevention measures, including a firewall, It provides protection against potential dangers.

Network security is enhanced with network segmentation capabilities. Streamline access management with Smart Remote Access. It offers a range of features for secure and efficient business networking. The Key Features are:

  • Remote Access VPN
  • Cloud VPN
  • Threat Prevention
  • Network Segmentation
  • Smart Remote Access
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Compliance Support
  • Secure Web Gateway
  • Dedicated IP
  • Business VPN

Remote Access VPN

nordlayer Remote Access VPN

NordLayer’s Remote Access VPN is an essential tool for companies that have employees working remotely and a workforce that is spread out. This feature enables employees to connect to the company’s network securely from any location, ensuring safe access to essential resources.

With it, You have the ability to enable your team to work remotely without compromising the security of the network, making it a valuable asset in today’s fast-paced, digital work environment.

Cloud VPN

NordLayer Cloud VPN

NordLayer Cloud VPN, powered by the NordVPN app, is a game-changer for businesses that rely on cloud services. It provides a secure, encrypted connection to your cloud resources, ensuring data privacy and protection.

Whether you’re using AWS, Azure, or any other cloud platform, Cloud VPN ensures the protection of your data from unauthorized access. Enjoy seamless access to your cloud resources with the peace of mind that comes with robust security provided by Nord.

Threat Prevention

NordLayer Threat Prevention

The Threat Prevention feature offered by NordLayer plays a vital role in safeguarding against cyber threats. It proactively identifies and blocks malicious websites and applications, safeguarding your network from potential attacks. With the integration of biometrics, the Threat Prevention feature provides an added layer of security to ensure that only authorized users can access your network.

With NordLayer, you can rest assured that your business is protected from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, ensuring a secure and reliable online experience for your team.

Network Segmentation

NordLayer Network Segmentation

NordLayer’s Network Segmentation feature offers a robust solution for effectively managing and securing your business network, all within the framework of a secure access service edge. By dividing your network into smaller segments, you can control access to specific resources and improve overall network performance.

This approach not only enhances security by limiting potential attack vectors but also boosts efficiency by optimizing network traffic. With this Network Segmentation, you can tailor your network to meet the unique needs of your business.

Smart Remote Access

NordLayer Smart Remote Access

NordLayer’s Smart Remote Access is designed to empower your team with secure and efficient access to company resources from anywhere. It intelligently manages network connections to ensure optimal performance and security.

With features like automatic server selection and seamless switching between networks, it delivers a seamless experience for remote access. Whether your team is working from home or on the go, Smart Remote Access keeps them connected and productive.

Identity and Access Management

NordLayer Identity and Access Management

NordLayer’s Identity and Access Management feature is an effective tool for managing and overseeing access to your network resources. It enables you to assign specific permissions to users and groups, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access sensitive data.

This feature not only enhances security by preventing unauthorized access but also streamlines user onboarding and offboarding. You can easily manage user identities and access rights, keeping your network secure and efficient.

Compliance Support

Nordlayer Compliance Support

Navigating the complexities of data protection regulations can be challenging. NordLayer’s Compliance Support feature is designed to help businesses meet regulatory requirements with ease. Whether it’s GDPR, HIPAA, or other data protection standards, it provides the tools and features necessary to achieve compliance.

With NordLayer, you can confidently handle sensitive data, knowing that your network security aligns with industry standards and regulations.

Secure Web Gateway

NordLayer Secure Web Gateway

NordLayer’s Secure Web Gateway is an effective solution for safeguarding your network against online threats. It filters and monitors internet traffic, blocking malicious websites and preventing malware from entering your network.

With it, you can enforce company policies, control internet access, and ensure a safe online experience for your team. The Secure Web Gateway ensures the security of your network, whether your employees are browsing the web or accessing cloud services.

Dedicated IP

NordLayer Dedicated IP

NordLayer provides a Dedicated IP feature that grants your business an exclusive IP address to enhance security and control. With a dedicated IP, you can whitelist specific IP addresses, ensuring that only authorized devices can access your network.

This feature is particularly useful for businesses that need secure access to sensitive resources or want to avoid the risks associated with shared IP addresses. With NordLayer’s Dedicated IP, you can enjoy a secure and personalized online experience.

Business VPN

NordlayerBusiness VPN

NordLayer’s Business VPN is a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the needs of businesses. It provides robust network security, secure remote access and advanced threat prevention features.

NordLayer’s Business VPN provides a dependable and easy-to-use network security solution that allows you to safeguard your business network against cyberattacks, enable smooth remote work, and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Regardless of whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, NordLayer’s Business VPN is designed to meet your needs.

Secure Network Access with NordLayer

NordLayer offers a robust solution that enables businesses to securely access their networks. You can ensure the safety and privacy of your business data while enabling seamless communication and collaboration. This advanced platform offers several benefits, including multi-factor authentication, encryption, and access control.

These security features work together to protect your network from unauthorized access and keep your sensitive information safe. Moreover, NordLayer’s global network ensures optimal network speed and performance, even when accessing resources from different locations.

Control Access to Cloud Tools and Resources

NordLayer offers the ability to control access to your cloud tools and resources, ensuring that only authorized users can access them. This is particularly crucial for businesses that rely on cloud-based services like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

You can set permissions and manage access rights, providing a secure environment for your cloud resources. Whether it’s cloud storage, databases, or applications, NordLayer gives you the control you need to protect your cloud assets.

Virtual Local Area Network

NordLayer’s Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) feature allows businesses to create separate network segments for different departments or teams. By dividing your network into VLANs, you can enhance security, optimize network performance, and simplify network management.

Each VLAN operates independently, ensuring that sensitive data is only accessible to authorized users. Whether you’re segmenting your network for security or efficiency, NordLayer’s VLAN feature provides a flexible and reliable solution.

Remote Access to Different Offices and Devices

NordLayer enables seamless remote access to different offices and devices, bridging the gap between geographically dispersed teams. With it, employees can securely access company resources from any location, on any device.

Whether it’s connecting to the office network from home, accessing files on a colleague’s computer, or collaborating with teams in different offices, NordLayer provides a secure and efficient remote access solution, fostering productivity and collaboration.

Filter Harmful Websites and Applications

NordLayer offers a powerful filtering feature that blocks access to harmful websites and applications, protecting your network from potential threats. By filtering out malicious content, you ensure a safer online environment for your team.

Whether it’s malware-infested websites or phishing applications, NordLayer’s filtering capabilities safeguard your network from a wide range of threats. Enjoy a secure browsing experience and protect your business assets with NordLayer’s robust filtering feature.

Benefits of Using NordLayer

NordLayer offers a range of benefits that make it an ideal choice for secure business networking. With its user-friendly app, NordLayer ensures ease of use, allowing businesses to easily navigate and operate the platform.

Additionally, NordLayer’s VPN services can be accessed across various operating systems, providing flexibility and convenience. The single sign-on (SSO) integration simplifies the authentication process, streamlining access to the network.

Moreover, businesses can enable secure remote access to different offices and devices, promoting seamless collaboration. Lastly, solutions are scalable, allowing businesses to adapt and meet their evolving network security needs.

Protection from Unauthorized Users and Devices


NordLayer’s advanced security protocols ensure that your network remains inaccessible to unauthorized users and devices. By employing stringent access controls, it prevents potential breaches, ensuring that only trusted individuals and devices can access sensitive data.

In an era of increasing cyber threats, having a robust defense mechanism against unauthorized access is paramount. With it, you can confidently conduct business, knowing your digital assets are shielded from prying eyes.

Interconnection of Offices and Devices


NordLayer’s advanced networking capabilities enable seamless interconnection of offices and devices, fostering collaboration and productivity. Whether your team is spread across multiple locations or working remotely, NordLayer ensures they stay connected.

Employees can access shared resources, collaborate on projects, and communicate effortlessly, regardless of their physical location. NordLayer’s reliable interconnection features create a unified digital workspace, driving efficiency and teamwork.

Segmentation and Resource Allocation

NordLayer offers a segmentation feature that allows businesses to divide their network into separate segments, resulting in a network structure that is both organized and secure. By allocating resources to specific segments, businesses can optimize network performance and enhance security.

This feature allows for targeted resource allocation, ensuring that each segment has the necessary resources to function efficiently. Whether it’s assigning bandwidth to a particular department or isolating sensitive data, NordLayer’s segmentation and resource allocation capabilities provide a flexible and secure network management solution.

Automated User Onboarding and Offboarding

NordLayer’s automated user onboarding and offboarding feature streamlines the process of adding or removing users from your network. With this feature, businesses can efficiently manage user access, ensuring a smooth transition for new hires or departing employees.

By automating these processes, it reduces the time and effort required to manage user access, allowing IT teams to focus on other tasks. Whether you’re welcoming new team members or saying goodbye to departing ones, NordLayer’s automation ensures a seamless and secure experience.

Enhanced Security and Identity Breach Prevention

NordLayer’s VPN service boasts strong security measures that effectively prevent any potential identity breaches. With features like two-factor authentication and stringent access controls, NordLayer ensures that only authorized users can access your network.

In a time when cyber threats are on the rise, NordLayer’s advanced security features are vital for safeguarding user identities and protecting sensitive company data. As a top business VPN solution in 2023, it is a reliable choice for businesses seeking to bolster their network security.

NordLayer’s Advanced Features

Secure your network with NordLayer’s comprehensive network security solutions. It provides remote access via VPN for secure connectivity from anywhere. Protect sensitive data with NordLayer’s secure remote access capabilities. NordLayer offers a variety of plans to cater to your specific business needs.

Utilize NordLayer’s live chat support for immediate assistance with any technical issues. With it, you can ensure the highest level of network security and seamlessly access your network remotely, all while protecting your valuable data and receiving excellent customer support.

Network Security

NordLayer Network Security

NordLayer has specifically designed its network security features to offer businesses strong protection against cyber threats. With advanced security features such as AES-256 encryption, two-factor authentication, and network segmentation, it ensures that your network is secure from unauthorized access and data breaches.

As cyber threats continue to evolve in 2023, NordLayer’s network security features remain a reliable choice for businesses seeking to safeguard their network and data. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, NordLayer’s network security features provide the protection you need.

Remote Access VPN

nordlayer Remote Access VPN

NordLayer’s Remote Access VPN function guarantees safe connectivity to your company’s network from any location. Whether you have remote workers or team members traveling for business, it provides a secure VPN connection to your company resources.

With features like AES-256 encryption and two-factor authentication, NordLayer’s Remote Access VPN offers robust protection against cyber threats.

In 2023, as remote work continues to be a significant trend, NordLayer’s Remote Access VPN remains a reliable choice for businesses seeking to maintain network security while providing remote access.

Zero Trust Network Access

NordLayer-Zero Trust Network Access

NordLayer’s Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a vital component of modern network security. Unlike traditional VPNs, ZTNA operates on the principle of “never trust, always verify.” With it, every user and device is treated as potentially untrustworthy, regardless of their location. Access is only granted after thorough verification.

NordLayer’s ZTNA feature ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive company data, adding an extra layer of security. As cyber threats continue to evolve, NordLayer’s ZTNA is a crucial tool for businesses to protect their networks.

Secure Web Gateway

NordLayer Secure Web Gateway

NordLayer’s Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is a crucial security component for companies aiming to safeguard their networks against online threats. SWG acts as an intermediary between users and the internet, inspecting and filtering incoming web traffic.

By blocking access to malicious websites and preventing the download of harmful content, NordLayer’s SWG helps safeguard your network from cyber threats such as malware, phishing, and ransomware.

With the ever-growing number of web-based attacks, having a robust SWG in place is crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of your business network.

Integration with Other Platforms

Easily integrate NordLayer with your existing platforms using SSO. Seamlessly configure NordLayer with Amazon RDS for secure remote access to your databases. Ensure secure communication between NordLayer and Salesforce for your CRM needs.

Allowlist NordLayer’s IP addresses on AWS and Azure for secure and reliable connectivity. NordLayer supports custom DNS requests for enhanced privacy and security.

Its integration capabilities make it a versatile solution for businesses looking to enhance their network security while seamlessly connecting with their existing platforms.

Configuring NordLayer with Amazon RDS

Configuring NordLayer with Amazon RDS

Configuring NordLayer with Amazon RDS is a seamless process, allowing businesses to securely connect to this popular cloud database service. NordLayer, a reliable VPN solution, offers easy configuration options to integrate with Amazon RDS.

By utilizing NordLayer, businesses can enhance security and privacy when accessing sensitive data on Amazon RDS.

The comprehensive guide provided by NordLayer provides step-by-step instructions for setting up the VPN connection with Amazon RDS. With it, businesses can confidently configure their connections to Amazon RDS, knowing that their data is protected.

Setting up NordLayer with Salesforce

Setting up NordLayer with Salesforce

Setting up NordLayer with Salesforce is a seamless process that allows for secure business networking. It works in tandem with Salesforce to provide businesses with a reliable and protected network infrastructure.

By following a few simple steps, you can set up NordLayer in Salesforce and enjoy the benefits of a secure network.

The integration of NordLayer with Salesforce not only enhances the security of your business communication but also optimizes your overall business performance. Numerous customer reviews and success stories highlight the effectiveness of using NordLayer with Salesforce.

Allowlisting NordLayer IP on AWS and Azure

By allowing the listing of NordLayer IP addresses on AWS and Azure, businesses can enhance their security measures and ensure that only trusted devices can access their cloud resources.

This added layer of protection prevents unauthorized access and reduces the risk of data breaches. By configuring NordLayer with AWS and Azure, businesses can ensure that their cloud-based applications, databases, and services are only accessible to approved users.

This added security measure provides peace of mind for businesses that rely on cloud services for their operations.

Additional Resources

NordLayer provides a range of additional resources to support its customers. With a comprehensive knowledge base and 24/7 support, users have access to valuable help and guidance.

The NordLayer blog offers insights into cybersecurity trends and best practices, keeping businesses informed and up-to-date. The NordLayer community forum serves as a platform for users to share experiences and seek advice.


NordLayer ThreatBlock

NordLayer’s ThreatBlock feature adds an extra layer of security to your business operations. It actively monitors and blocks malicious websites, phishing attempts, and malware, ensuring the safety of your data and network. With ThreatBlock, you can focus on your core business activities without worrying about cyber threats.

This feature is an invaluable asset for businesses of all sizes, providing a proactive approach to cybersecurity and helping to mitigate potential risks. By implementing ThreatBlock, you’re taking a crucial step towards safeguarding your business from cyber threats.

Custom DNS Requests

NordLayer Custom DNS Requests

NordLayer provides Custom DNS Requests, a functionality that boosts both network security and performance. With custom DNS, you can specify your own domain name servers, allowing you to control and route traffic more efficiently.

This feature can help prevent DNS-based attacks, reduce latency, and improve network reliability. It’s particularly useful for businesses with complex network configurations or those that require advanced DNS management. By utilizing Custom DNS Requests, you can ensure a more secure and efficient network environment for your business operations.

Device Posture Security

NordLayer provides a Device Posture Security feature that allows businesses to assess the security status of devices that are trying to connect to their network. By evaluating factors such as operating system version, security patch levels, and installed software, this feature helps ensure that only compliant devices gain access.

This is critical for maintaining network integrity and protecting against potential threats that may arise from vulnerable devices. By utilizing Device Posture Security, businesses can enforce their security policies more effectively and minimize the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

How to Install NordLayer

NordLayer Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Installing NordLayer on your device is a simple process that requires only a few steps. Whether you’re using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, it offers easy-to-follow instructions for quick installation.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide


  1. Go to nordlayer.com and click Download to get the Windows installer file.
  2. Open the .exe file and follow the setup wizard prompts. Allow any requested admin permissions.
  3. Launch the app and enter your organization ID when prompted.
  4. Log in using your username/password or SSO provider.
  5. Connect to your organization’s private or shared gateway.


  1. Download the .pkg installer file from NordLayer’s website.
  2. Open the .pkg file and follow the installation prompts. Enter the admin password if requested.
  3. Open the NordLayer app from your Launchpad.
  4. Enter your organization ID when prompted after launching the app.
  5. Log in and connect to your organization’s gateway.


  1. Download the NordLayer app from the App Store.
  2. Launch the app and enter your organization ID when prompted.
  3. Log in using your credentials and connect to the gateway.


  1. Get the NordLayer app from the Play Store.
  2. Open the app, enter your organization ID, and log in.
  3. Connect to your gateway, and you’re protected!


  1. Download the NordLayer repo package for your distribution.
  2. Install the package through your package manager.
  3. Launch the app, enter your organization ID, and log in.
  4. Connect to your organization’s gateway to be protected.

Pricing and Plans

NordLayer Pricing and Plans Guide

NordLayer offers three core subscription plans to meet the needs of different business sizes and security requirements:

Basic Plan:

The Basic plan starts at $7 per user/month billed annually. It provides essential security features like:

  • Secure web gateway
  • Shared VPN gateways
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Activity reports
  • Intuitive control panel

The Basic plan is ideal for small teams that need core remote access security and network monitoring capabilities.

Advanced Plan:

The Advanced plan starts at $9 per user/month billed yearly. It includes all Basic features plus advanced capabilities like:

  • Dedicated IP server
  • Site-to-site connectivity
  • Smart remote access
  • Network segmentation
  • Device posture monitoring

The Advanced plan suits growing companies that require robust network and resource access management security.

Custom Plan:

NordLayer also offers fully customizable plans tailored to specific business needs. This Enterprise-grade option includes:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority 24/7 live support
  • Up to 10Gbps server speeds
  • Global private gateways

The Custom plan is suitable for large enterprises with complex infrastructure and stringent security requirements.

In summary, NordLayer’s flexible and scalable plans ensure that modern businesses of any size can find the right level of network security, at a reasonable price point.


As we conclude this comprehensive guide, it is evident that NordLayer is a dependable VPN solution for businesses. With NordLayer VPN, you can ensure secure remote access to your company resources, protecting your internet traffic through network segmentation. 

What sets NordLayer apart is its excellent customer support, available via live chat. Moreover, NordLayer’s user-friendly interface makes it a top choice for businesses seeking ease of use in their VPN solution. Trust NordLayer to provide the security and reliability your business needs.

πŸ›‘οΈ Top-Tier Encryption:Ensuring your data remains private and secure
πŸ” Privacy Assurance:Absolutely no logs kept
πŸ–₯️ Servers:Servers across 30+ nations
πŸ’΅ Affordable Rate:Starting at just $7.00/month
🏒 Business-Ready:Tailored solutions for companies of all sizes
πŸ€– Seamless Integration:Effortlessly blends with your corporate infrastructure
πŸŽ‰ Special Offer:Grab the NordLayer deal – 22% OFF now!
⭐ Rating:4.7 out of 5


Is NordLayer suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Absolutely! NordLayer provides a variety of pricing options, especially designed to cater to the requirements of both small and large businesses. The customizable plans and features allow you to select the right package for your business size and requirements.

Does NordLayer offer a free trial?

NordLayer does not currently offer a free trial, but it does provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to test the service risk-free and ensure it meets your business needs before making a long-term commitment.

How does NordLayer protect against cyber threats?

NordLayer uses ThreatBlock technology to automatically block access to malicious websites and applications. It also employs encryption, network segmentation, and zero-trust network access to protect your network from unauthorized access and potential cyber threats.

Is NordLayer easy to install and use?

NordLayer is designed to be user-friendly and can be easily installed on a wide range of devices, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Once installed, the intuitive interface allows you to quickly manage and configure your network settings. Additionally, NordLayer offers dedicated customer support to assist you with any questions or issues.

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